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5 Reasons to Take a Vacation with Your Girlfriends – Even After You Have Had Kids

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As a mom, I know all too well the guilt that comes with even thinking about going on vacation with your girlfriends. So, before you even start to feel that little flutter in your stomach telling you not to, stop it! Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you don’t need a vacation with your girlfriends, and here are the 5 reasons why!

#1 It Will Make You a Better Mom

Never getting a break, never going on vacation, and never getting any R&R is going to make you a mom on edge who flips at the drop of a pin. Seriously, taking time to hang out with your girlfriends, get a break from the kids, and the rest you need will make you a better mom when you get back. You will feel refreshed and ready to jump back in. 

#2 Your Happiness is Important

When we become a mother, we make so many sacrifices for our kids. Instead of new sandals, we buy our kids that toy they wanted. Instead of sleeping an extra 20-minutes, we get up to spend time with our little one before work. As moms, our happiness gets put to the side while we focus on making everyone else happy. But, your happiness is just as important to your well-being as your child’s. 

#3 You Just Have Fun

When you travel with your family and kids, you have to plan for EVERYTHING! Seriously, if the 3-year old can only hold their urine for 1 hour and 15 seconds, you have to plan for a stop every hour and 5 seconds. When you go on vacation with your adult girlfriends, you don’t have to worry about every little detail. Instead, you can just sit back, go with the flow, and have fun!

#4 It’s Good for the Kids

Looking at their sad puppy dog eyes while you pack up your bags may not make your heart feel good about leaving them, but trust me it’s good for them. Kids have to learn that you won’t always be there to cut their triangle sandwiches or wipe their tooshies after they poop. They learn to be independent, except and expect change, and they are much more able to adapt to the constant changes of this world. So, you are doing your kids a favor by leaving for a few days. 

#5 It’s Good for Others

O.k. I am talking about dad, here! Taking a vacation with your girlfriends is good for your kids’ dad, too. He gets to spend time just him and the kiddos. If you are leaving them with Grandma, or Auntie, or anyone else, your kids are getting special time with a loved one. This is a great way for others in your life to bond with your kids and understand you on a deeper level. It’s good for them. 

So, lady, drop the guilt and head to the airport. You deserve it! Don’t forget to share your experience and pictures in the comments below! We would love to see other happy moms going on vacation. 

5 reasons to take a vacation with your girlfriends
5 reasons to take a vacation with your girlfriends

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