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How to Save on Flights to Disney World

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If you are traveling to Disney World, and you don’t live in Florida, you may be starting to look at flights for your trip. Depending on when you visit, you could be looking at a pretty expensive flight. There are so many ways to save on flights to Disney World that will give you extra money for magic, without having to drive! Here is how to save big on flights to Disney World.

Investigate your flights carefully

If you are staying on-site at Disney, Disney’s Magical Express will pick you up from the Orlando International Airport and take you to your hotel! They will also take you to the airport as well, but you do need to let Disney know ahead of time. There are two airports in Orlando, one being Orlando International Airport and the second is Orlando Sanford International Airport. Make sure you are flying into the first one to avoid having to drive to your resort!

Weigh the options when it comes to nonstop flights

If you are going to need to make a connection, it might not be cheaper than a nonstop flight. Connections sometimes mean having to have a meal at the airport or spend more time entertaining yourself at the airport. Before you book your flight, figure out if a nonstop flight will end up saving you money.

Know when to buy

Track your flight for a week or two if you are able to before you book. If your airline offers a money-back guarantee on the price of your flight, then go ahead and book as soon as possible. Otherwise, track your flight using Google Flights. When you see it hit a low price, go ahead and book! These prices go fast so make sure you are ready to book quickly when you do! If you don’t have time to track your flight, aim to book around Monday or Tuesday afternoon. This is usually when flights are cheapest.

Book your flights through Disney

Disney has packages that you can build to plan out your vacation. One of the perks of booking through Disney can sometimes be lower prices! Check with Disney and the airlines before you book to make sure you are getting a good deal! Sometimes booking through Disney can mean getting on the same flight for a lot less.

Check other airports

If you are flexible about getting to and from Disney, looking at nearby airports could save you a ton of money! If you are planning on getting a car while you’re down there anyway, look outside of Orlando airports to save some money! If you plan on using the Magical Express transportation, then you may want to consider only looking at your departing airport to make sure you can still use their transportation.

As you can see, you don’t have to drive to Disney in order to save money! You can save on flights if you have the right tips! Keep these tips handy the next time you book plane tickets to Disney so you can save big!

Save on flights to disney
Save on flights to disney

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