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5 Important Reasons to Take a Family Vacation

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There will always be an excuse about why you shouldn’t take a family vacation right now. Perhaps it’s that you are too busy with work or the kids have too much going on right now, but whatever reason you have for putting them off, I encourage you to reconsider. Believe it or not, family vacations can be good for your family, and here are five important reasons why you should be taking them.


Reason 1: You can spend quality time together as a family

Life can be a little hectic sometimes and despite planning family nights and activities together, we rarely get to spend quality time as a family. One child has one activity and the other has a practice, your husband works all day, and by the time everyone sits down for dinner, they’re exhausted! Family vacations allow everyone to come together for a few days and spend time together without the excuses.


Reason 2: You will make memories that will grow with them

When your kids grow up, they won’t remember all the gifts you bought them or what you made for dinner each night. They are going to remember the trips you took as a family, the memories you made on them, and the great times you spent away from home. When they’re out of the nest, they will cherish their childhood memories of course, but their memories from vacations past will stick with them.


Reason 3: You can experience new things as a family

Trying new things can always be fun, but for some kids, family vacations may be their only chance to try new things. Encouraging them to try new foods or new experiences while they’re on vacation can be a great way to teach them to step outside of their comfort zone and give new things a try.


Reason 4: You can break away from the stress of daily life and even bend the routines a little

We love our kids and our life at home, but sometimes it can be so crazy and stressful. Vacations allow us the time to relax and maybe even throw a few routines out the window for a few days. The kids get to stay up late, and nobody has to do any dishes! Family vacations allow for everyone to take a deep breath and enjoy some time off.


Reason 5: You will grow closer as a family

You may not be best friends by the end of the trip, but families who travel together are a lot closer. The more you travel with your kids, the more they will be willing to spend time together as a family when they get back. Vacations help families get closer, and maybe allow them to realize that family time can be fun. Family vacations set the groundwork for you to connect as a family and create a stronger bond.


There will always be a reason not to go, but instead of another excuse, try to find a way to make it happen. The experiences and memories from your trip will be well worth it!


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