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Why I’m Taking My Family on Vacation Instead of Renovating the Kitchen

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I have been staring at my ugly kitchen for longer than I care to remember. I’ve been dreaming of a picture-perfect renovation and I’ve got a Pinterest board full of inspiration to prove it. I’m imagining a farmhouse sink, shiny white countertops, and new stainless steel appliances. Each time I sit down and really think about the costs of my dream kitchen, I just can’t pull the trigger on this big investment. Our kitchen right now is fine. It’s functional. And that’s why I’m holding off on renovating the kitchen in favor of travel this year with my kids.

Here’s why we are taking our family on vacation instead of renovating the kitchen:

Memories are More Important

Sure, it would be nice to have a kitchen with nice new countertops and snazzy new stainless steel appliances. But memories are more important right now. That weekend trip to the mountains and that super long drive to the beach, I don’t want to miss out on any of them.

Time Doesn’t Stand Still

In 20 years, I can get a new kitchen, but I can’t make my kids little again. I’m taking my family on vacation instead of renovating the kitchen because time isn’t waiting for anyone. Just remember that time doesn’t stand still. Taking a vacation, instead of renovating the kitchen is always a winner in my book. The kitchen can wait.

My Kids Will Remember the Vacation

Thinking ahead to 20 years, my kids are most likely not going to remember the updated kitchen we had. Instead, they’re going to remember that fun vacation we took. I’m more interested in what my kids will remember than anything else. Besides, kitchens become outdated, memories don’t!

My Kids Need More of Me and Less Stuff

You have probably heard the saying that the stuff we own can be put into the amount of time we spend working. In other words, buying a nice kitchen is NICE but at the end of the day, spending time with my kids is more important. Vacation doesn’t need to be extravagant, but I am able to spend that extra time with my kids, which is super important.

Traveling is Cheap

If you have ever gotten a quote to fix your kitchen, it can be very costly. The best thing you can do is spend that money traveling. If done right, traveling doesn’t cost nearly that much. In fact, if you start traveling now, you’ll see that it can be done very inexpensively. So, who wouldn’t want to spend money on something as cheap as travel? I know that I would!

Things Can Change in a Heartbeat

My kitchen may not have over the top countertops and it may not have state of the art floors, but our family is happy. We decided to spend money on family vacations than pour money into our kitchen. In due time, our kitchen will be renovated. But honestly, I’m more interested in our family vacations right now and that’s okay. Kitchen renovation ideas come and go but the memories I’m making with my family will be instilled in them forever.

Remember all of this the next time you’re trying to renovate the kitchen or add something new to your house. There is just something about spending time and money on memories rather than stuff.


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