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Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia

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If you are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia there are many MUST SEE places to go and lots of fun things to do. Below are some tips on where you should go and what you should do.

MUST SEE Attractions in Savannah

Tours in Savannah

There are several types of tours you can take in Savannah. There are sightseeing walking tours, horse and carriage tours, trolley tours, segway tours, electric bike tours, and sightseeing cruises. There are also specific tours just for cemeteries, ghost and vampire tours, historical tours, etc.

tours in Savannah, Georgia

Most Popular Walking Tours in Savannah

  • Highlights Off the Beaten Path Guided Walking Tour
  • Historic District Foodie Walking Tour
  • Ghosts of Christmas Past Walking Tour
  • Savory Southern Comfort Food and History Tour
  • Dead of Night Ghost Walking Tour
  • Terrors, Ghosts, and Gouls Walking Tour
  • Wormsloe Plantation and Bonaventure Cemetery Tour
  • Guided Paranormal Ghost Hunting Investigation

The Best Trolley Tours in Savannah

  • Old Town Hop On and Hop Off Tour
  • Savannah for Morons – Comedy Trolley Tour
  • Savannah History and Sightseeing Trolley Tour
  • Ghosts and Gravestones Tour (with Low House Entry included)

Most Popular Cruises in Savannah

  • Riverboat Narrated Harbor Sightseeing Cruise
  • Riverboat Cruise and City Tour Combo
  • Sightseeing Lunch Cruise
  • Riverboat Sunset Cruise
  • Buffet Dinner Cruise

Other Cool Sites To See in Savannah

Love Lock Bridge in Savannah Georgia
  1. Chippewa Square – where the Forrest Gump bench scene was filmed
  2. The Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil area
  3. Love Lock Bridge
  4. Jones Street (where “keeping up with the Joneses” came from)
Jones Street in Savannah, Georgia

Just Wonder Around in Savannah

If you would rather do your own thing instead of taking a guided tour, Savannah is the perfect place to just wonder around.

Savannah is truly one of the most beautiful places in the U.S. It’s filled with beautiful live oaks covered in Spanish moss, the parks are well maintained, there is lots of antebellum architecture, and the cobblestone squares make you feel like you have walked back in time.

Savannah, Georgia established 1733

Fun Facts About Savannah

  • Savannah is known to be “America’s First Planned City”. When it was founded in 1973, Savannah was laid out in a grid system with lots of squares and parks. The forethought and planning of the design is still greatly admired today.
  • The American Prohibition Museum in Savannah is the only museum in the United States that is dedicated to the history of prohibition. But don’t worry, there are lots of places to legally drink in Savannah today. In fact, Savannah is one of the few places in the U.S. where you can legally buy to-go cocktails. You can enjoy a drink while strolling through all the squares and soaking up all the great history.
  • Savannah is a very popular location for filming movies. The opening scene of Forest Gump was filmed in Savannah as well as the famous park bench scenes. The bench Tom Hanks actually sat on was just a prop, but you can see it in on display at the Savannah History Museum.
  • Literary legend Flannery O’Connor spent her formative years in Savannah. You can visit her childhood home in Savannah which is now a museum dedicated to her life and work.
  • During the Civil War Savannah was spared from destruction because General Sherman thought it was too beautiful to destroy. He burned Atlanta, but just couldn’t do it to Savannah. He famously offered the city of Savannah as a Christmas gift to President Abraham Lincoln.
  • Savannah was home to an underground railroad sanctuary. The first African Baptist Church served as a safe house for slaves. It was established in 1733 and is a cherished landmark today.
  • Savannah is the birthplace of The Girl Scouts. In 1912, The Girl Scouts was founded by Juliette Gordon Low. A district in Savannah is named after her.
  • The origin of The Emancipation Proclamation is credited to Savannah. Union General David Hunter, while stationed near Savannah, issued the first wartime emancipation proclamation freeing the slaves in the Confederate Army. Abraham Lincoln later rescinded it, but it was a significant step that led to the later proclamation.

The History and Traditions of Savannah

Savannah’s rich history dates back to Colonial times. Savannah was the first city in Georgia. It was established in 1733 and founded by General James Oglethorpe.

The city of Savannah was somewhat of a unique social experiment. It was designed as a haven for England’s debtors. The colony initially banned slavery, rum, and lawyers.

During the American Revolution Savannah was captured by the British. That occurred in 1778 and lasted about four years. After the war, the economy shifted more toward rice cultivation and cotton. That led to the legalization of slavery and a huge boom in plantation agriculture.

Savannah went on to become a major port city, and the transatlantic slave trade left a lasting impact on the city’s demographics as well as its culture. All that cotton generated a lot of wealth, which led to the construction of grand houses and churches, which are a hallmark of Savannah’s historic district today.

Today, Savannah is known for its gracious Southern hospitality. Mingle with the locals and you’ll notice the friendliness and charming atmosphere right away.

The city takes great pride in preserving its history. Most of the historic squares are meticulously maintained and well kept.

The cultural scene thrives with all the art galleries, museums, and historic sites. Unique traditions like the Pulaski Day Parade and all the spooky ghost tours reflect on Savannah’s storied past and continue to captivate new visitors. I know I was definitely captivated and charmed when I visited Savannah, and I think you will be as well. So be sure to plan a trip to Savannah!

Information About Forsyth Park

If I had to pick only one attraction to recommend to people while visiting Savannah it would be Forsyth Park. Forsyth Park is a 30 acre park in the historic district.

The park was a donation from Georgia’s 33rd governor John Forsyth in 1840. The centerpiece of the park is large fountain modeled after the Place de la Concorde in Paris. It is probably the most photographed spot in all of Savannah.

The park is huge and contains lots of walking paths and childrens play areas. There’s also a fragrant garden for the blind. The park has a large pavilion sometimes used for concerts. It also has tennis courts, basketball courts, frisbee areas, soccer areas, a rugby field, and more. A number of events are hosted at the park throughout the year including a farmers market on Saturdays.

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