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Why We Are Skipping Christmas Presents and Going on Vacation Instead

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The Christmas season is in full swing. It’s the time of the year where you can’t enter a mall or turn on the radio without constant reminders of the holiday upon us. The season is here, and this year we have decided to do something different. 

In our family, we have enough. We have enough stuff. We have enough toys. We have enough gadgets. We have enough clothes. In fact, we have too much.

This year we are trading in the mountain of gifts for a family vacation. We are opting for moments and not things. We are opting for the opportunity to spend quality time with the family instead of with our stuff. 

As avid travelers, we’ve learned that the gift of experience and travel is the greatest gift we can give as a family. There is nothing that beats the experience of seeing our kids splash in the ocean for the first time. The pride they have when they learn to communicate with a new friend in a foreign language. Trying new foods with new tastes are all of what makes travel so wonderful and unique. 

Travel opens the mind and the soul. When we travel as a family we grow closer. We enjoy each other more. We listen to each other. We spend time as a family. Yes, of course, we also sometimes fight and misbehave, but it makes us better. It makes our family closer.  Each time we go on vacation we learn something new. They say travel is the best education and we certainly believe it’s so. 

Now before you call out ‘Scrooge!’ on our Christmas celebration, we do still plan to bring some Christmas magic to our kids this year. We will still do one gift for each of our kids so that they can enjoy the excitement of Christmas morning. Each child and adult will get a stocking filled with low cost (and useful!) items to open on Christmas morning. Travel size essentials make perfect stocking stuffers! 

We aren’t skipping out on the joy and the spirit of Christmas. What we are skipping this year is the excess. We still plan to join in for a large Christmas dinner and spend time with our loved ones on Christmas day.  This Christmas consider trading presents for presence and book a family vacation that will be the best Christmas present yet. 

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