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10 Books to Get Your Kids Excited About Travel

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We love reading to our kids. Children learn so much from their books. One of the ways that we like to get our kids prepared for anything (travel, going to school, doing an activity etc) is to read them a book about it. I find that if I prepare my kids in advance there are way fewer hiccups and meltdowns when we travel. It’s also really exciting for kids to see something they saw in a book in real life! Before we went on our Disney Cruise, we read a book called “The Big Book of Things That Go”. There is a cruise liner in the book and my son still gets so excited seeing it shouting “The Disney Boat, the Disney Boat!!” whenever we read this book. We love these children’s books about travel helping deal with the anticipation of a family vacation.

Looking for some children's books to get your kids excited about travel? Look no further, here is my top 10 list of picture books we've loved to get excited about family trips and family vacations. From taking a plane for the first time ​to going camping, we have all the travel experiences covered! #kidsbooks #childrensbooks #travewithkids #travelinspiration #kidstravelbooks #childrenstravelbooks

Here are the top 10 children’s books about travel all around the world!

3 Go To London by Oakley Graham: This book comes with a press out model of the London Bus. For my son, that’s worth at least 3 hours of entertainment. Lots of highlights of London included as well!

  Somewhere Else by Gus Gordon: George is a duck who never flies south. A cute adventure story about two friends wanting to explore. The illustrations are fantastic.

Carson Crosses Canada by Linda Bailey: A great find for a cross-Canada road trip! Join Carson as he explores each of the Canadian provinces and takes in all of the sights, sounds, and tastes! A lovely colorful book that had my son enthralled from the first page!

Playing Around the World

Playing Around the World by Joanna Brundle: This book series has yet to be released but it is on my list! One of the best ways to get kids to understand and think about culture is to talk about what other kids do! We can’t wait to read this one before our next big trip.

Travel Buddies by RH Disney: You can’t beat the price on this book! Anything Disney Cars is a huge hit in our house and this book is no exception. If Lightning McQueen does it, my son can too!

This is Hong Kong by Miroslav Sasek: This book series has a book for many big cities across the world. Hong Kong is our favorite because my Husband’s family is from Hong Kong. We would love to travel there soon!

A Walk in London by  Salvatore Rubbino: Another London book, but a good one!  A mother-daughter adventure featuring all of the big sights of London, including the exciting changing of the guard! This is great preparation for a trip to this big city.

 3 Go Camping by  Oakley Graham: Again, this book has a press out and build camper van. Literally, my son was in heaven! Love this whole series, great pictures, and cute story too!

Maisy goes on a plane by Lucy Cousins: For the younger crowd, this book is a great intro to the idea of getting on a plane. It covers lots of things that might be scary to little ones, like the sound of taking off and having to wait in line. Love the simple pictures, and sturdy board, perfect for little hands.

Maisy goes on Vacation by Lucy Cousins: Another Maisy book, this time about getting ready for a vacation. We just love these books to read a few nights before the trip and get our kids excited and prepared to travel. The trip goes so much more smoothly when we can say, “Remember, Maisy had to put her sunscreen on too!”

Do you have any other favorite children’s books about travel? Leave them in the comments below!

Happy Travels!



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