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Amazing All Inclusive Resorts for Kids

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I’ll be the first to admit that traveling with kids isn’t always sunshine and roses! When planning a kid-friendly vacation, you want something that is easy, enjoyable and most important, RELAXING for everyone! Family-friendly all-inclusive resorts are a great option, especially when the kids are little, as you’ll really appreciate having everything close by.  

I’ve spent a TON of time researching the best all-inclusive resorts for kids because I wanted to be sure I had found the most amazing baby and toddler-friendly resorts for our family vacations.  What’s so great about an all inclusive resort with kids? Well, there is no need to worry about dishes, cleaning, food prep, or really, ANYTHING!   The only thing on the agenda is to relax and enjoy the nice weather and fun activities. Sounds like heaven, right?!

When it comes to kids, especially young kids, some all inclusives just KNOW WHAT IS UP. It’s the little touches, like having high chairs ready, having bottle sterilizers, a shaded play area, a separate sleeping area for kids and a (SUPER AMAZING) kids club that really makes the difference between any old resort and a true baby friendly all inclusive or toddler friendly resort.

Since we started traveling with kids, I’ve been making a list of all the best inclusive resorts with childcare, and other baby friendly amenities, especially those resorts that have a kids club for kids under age 3. After much research, scouring over TripAdvisor reviews, and perusing various Facebook discussion groups, these are the top kid friendly all-inclusive luxury resorts I’ve found! I’ve included a few of my own personal recommendations and also some resorts that I’ve had ‘vetted’ by some blogging friends and family members.

These are the best all-inclusive resorts for kids to consider for your next adventure.


Best all inclusive resorts for kids in Mexico

Best All Inclusive Resorts for Kids in the Caribbean

What is the best trip with kids?

Not sure if an all-inclusive is for you? Here is my list of the pros and cons of the different types of vacations with young kids. Find out what our family loves best!

Happy travels!



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